Wednesday, 29 October 2014

COMEDY: 31st October 22h00 What Kind? Halloween Edition Comedy Improv Show

Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins and Vampires... Don't forget to head on down to The Catalina Theatre this Friday 31st October at 22h00 for our crazy What Kind? Halloween Edition of our monthly hit improv show.

What Kind? Is our South African version of the long running UK & USA tv series Whose Line Is It Anyway? with Drew Carey, Ryan Stile, Colin Mochrey and Wayne Brady that had us all howling with laughter in the ninety's & noughty's!

Our talented cast of professional actors returns for their fourth consecutive show and belly laughs are guaranteed (the show officially ends at 11:15pm but our cheering audiences have never let us finish before midnight!)

There is a dress-up competition and the best dressed audience member will win a nice prize to take home.

Did we mention that there will be free wine?... No? Well, there will be free wine. You're welcome.

Book your tickets (R80pp) at or at any Checkers or Shoprite store... Or, after a nice dinner at the wharf (if you're brave enough to party in your dress-up!) You can stroll along to the theatre at 9:30pm and buy your tickets at Box Office (next to Zacks)

See you there! #WhatKind

Sandy Bigara

RACISM: Response to a Racists Questionnaire

The following article is In response to a hectic status/comment debate/discussion that started in a positive thought provoking way and, due to a racist jobbie, ended in confusion and offense.  The answers to her list and to ours are exactly the same word every time. 

Googled the answer and got this. Lots of this. (This is a clue)

I worked together with a friend of mine, Nelisa, and we came up with our own set of Questions... in response to a previous set of questions (originally written by the antagonist/protagonist/racist/rebel/activist?) A list of questions that also all had the same answer... at least the questioner thought that they all had the same answer... (I spent some time googling these questions trying to come up with the correct answer to each ... my effort was not well met unfortunately and I was told to hand over my home, job, money etc and leave South Africa to go... where? Dunno, cos I am South African. Passport and all says so... so, yes.) 

Look at them. Smug bastards.

As close friends (Sisters even, if Facebook's 'family' Status is anything to go by) of different colour, race and cultural groups - Nelisa and I have laughed and cried over race issues - working our way forward as friends. Sometimes she helps me to understand the complexities of racial understanding in South Africa, sometimes I get it... and sometimes I get my dear husband to make her awesome coffee, we eat a lot of jelly tots, but I digress. Cheetos as well. Add chocolate to this. And pasta. 

We have found that laughter is the best way forward. Let's see how well you do in our Questionnaire! 

Another clue. You're welcome.

These are the original racist questions to which my friend and I are responding:

1. Who is responsible for deforestation of the rain forests and wild trees
2. Who is responsible for the extinction and death of Wild Animals and Sea Creatures?
3. Who is responsible for the world pollution and man made illnesses.
4. Who is responsible for the wiping out of other races of human beings and the enslavement of others.
5. Who decided that the access to food should be sold and not freely obtained by all human beings on the planet.
6. Which people, no matter where you go on the Planet are always well off and own the majority of everything whether they are Natives of that land or not.

And as I said, the Questioner above, let's call her Sally, believed that each question had the exact same answer

The same answers to all of the questions in our next questionnaire: 

I can't even. 

Anyway, here is our list of Questions: 

1. What colour are most of South Africa's taxi's?
2. Finish the sentence: Clouds are ______.
3. What colour is fresh snow?
4. The non-black sections on a Zebra are ______.
5. The racist establishment in DC that houses the USA President, is called the ______ House. 
6. The colour of refined rice. (Which is also evidence of the power of imperialism)
7. Imperial Mints are ______. (Another sign of Imperialism!! *gasp*)
8. Holy Communion Wafers are usually ______.
9. The name of the rough paint used to paint houses is ______ wash. 
10. Sheep are ______ in colour.
11. A4 Printer paper is usually _______.
12. Finish the sentence: Icing sugar is _______. 
13. What colour sounds like the word "What" ______.
14. Finish the Michael Jackson lyrics: "It's black, it's _______. yeah. yeah. yeah." 
15. Women wait for their 'Knight on a _______ Stallion" 

The blatant racism here is just... shocking. 

Yeah, so, there's that. Anyone can make a list, and make sure that all answers are exactly the same... I do suggest though, before making an accusatory racist list like the first one above, check your facts - wikipedia is great, or if you are a hipster then the Encyclopedia Britannica is surely at your local library - and, good luck with that. 

Anyways.......... I hope that you all have a good day. Make friends with someone who is different to you. Broaden your horizons guys. 

THEATRE: 7inch Stilettos by Thabiso Radebe

7inch Stilettos
Produced and directed by Thabiso Radebe,
Catalina Theatre on Wilson's Wharf
October 31 and 01 November
R60 (Just the show)
R120 (John Dorys and Show)
R120 (Spur and Show)
Book via Computicket, or at any Shoprite or Checkers stores, or at the Catalina box office open 1hr before each show.

Regrets no under 15's (15 VNL)

Durban is yet again the stage for good LGBTQ theatre, Thabiso Radebe - fresh from his well received run of Sofia Town - is bring us the sequel to High Heels with Balls - a gutsy drama piece that brought about good honest dialogue amongst viewers. Not for the faint of heart, and most definitely not for sensitive viewers, Radebe hits at sore points and speaks out aloud the questions that are so often asked.
A brave individual willing to stand in the gap and generate dialogue.

This week at the Catalina Theatre, Thabiso Radebe introduces another run this year of "7inch Stilettos" which sees Radebe and Sisanda Tshali collaborating with fine artist Sphephelo Mnguni.

Radebe's portrayal of Joyani is poignant and emotive.
"We are confronted with choices everyday. Sometimes we get them wrong, and sometimes right. Wrong tends to sting more than right satisfies. Bad and good decisions can get even thornier to make when they get more personal, involving ethics and morality."

Read the review HERE

 7inch Stilettos circles Joyani Maqa, a 25 year-old homosexual who chooses a path that destroys him. He flees home after his family has been murdered. Living on the streets, he's involved in the sex trade business, drug use and murders. His choices have become a burden to him as he seeks a direction
to a better Future.

Read review in isiZulu HERE 

Contact Thabiso on 0835291361 or email

Poster by Mondli Madondo.

Monday, 27 October 2014

FOOD: My weekend... The Good Food & Wine Show


What an INCREDIBLE weekend! The Clover & Selati Sweet Treats Theatre was pumping, standing room only :)  

So many cute and happy children - worth every stiff muscle from doing all of those action sing-alongs ha! 
So much colour... so much nursery music... 

The MISSING is ridiculous!!! The Good Food & Wine Show SA DBN was like a **festival of awesome** this year! 

Sarah Holloway Rainbow Experiential Marketing), Lentswe Bhengu Africa on a Plate), Sherwyn Sean Weaich (The Gourmet Bushie, Ultimate Braai Master), Candice Courtney (So Whipped), Katie Kasambala Little Cooks Club Durban North),Amy McKenna, Daniela Dotan (Daniella's Macaroons), Katelyn Williams & Ewan Strydom, Claire Winstanley Expresso Morning Show - SABC 3), Siya, Mishal Mookrey (Mela) & more... you made this weekend ROCK. 

Big loves from the Pink Diva *kiss *kiss (Now put your left leg out... left leg in... )

THEATRE: Arno Els in Ahno it’s Arno - The Naked Truth

Ahno it's Arno - The Naked Truth

Friday October 31 @ 18:30

R110 per ticket (includes Dinner, Wine, and the Show)

Colombo / The Factory Cafe (369 magwaza maphalala rd aka Gale street)

Book your tickets via: email - phone - 072 122 7561

Comedian, Musician, and National Champion Arno "Ahno It's Arno" Els has finally pulled himself towards himself and put together a journey of a show - an hour and some odd change of comedy and music. 

When asked what the reason was, he responded by saying: "I'm broke. But also, i think I've found my voice and I'm ready to make people laugh, and leave them with something to ponder when they crawl into bed that night."

He's been around the block and performed with some renowned acts in DBN, JHB, and CPT as well as winning the 2014 DSOC Young Gun Of The Year Award.

Arno is also a respected musician in the Durban music scene and "The Naked Truth" sees him combining music and humour to get across what words simply can't.

Audiences can look forward to him diving head-first into topics such as relationships, addiction, procreation, growing pains, the struggles of being afrikaans but lacking culture, and where we'll find ourselves in the future as a human race.

The naked truth is loosely based around "myself, my thoughts, my shallow, yet vast narcism, and my love for everything alive."

Follow Arno Els on: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram