Sunday, 31 January 2016

ARTS DEVELOPMENT: Vocal Coaching Course Starts 15 Feb at The Rhythm Hut in Gosford!

There are only three places left for our Vocal Coaching Course - kicks off Feb 15th 7 - 8pm at The Rhythm Hut - 135 Faunce st Gosford. To book: Contact Amy Hut on (02) 0420682258 xx


Sandy Bigara 

How Can I Help You?

Tel +61 (0) 422548770 

Artistic Director of Sandy Bigara Arts, Gosford / Erina NSW, Australia.
ex - The Bigara Talent Factory CC and Paw Paw Show Company - South Africa

- Piano, Guitar & Vocals, full Sound System provided. 
(Modern and contemporary songs, original, golden oldies, jazz, blues, opera and light classical.)

- Stand-Up Comedy.
(What Kind? Improv Show & Stand Up Guys - I was Executive Producer & Show Host)

- MC of Events. 
(MC - The Good Food & Wine Show, Demo Chef, City View Mall MC)

- Director / Writer of Children's Educational & Theatrical Shows / Road Shows. 
(AACL, ETA & Cooee Roadshows, Animal Tails I & II, Rapunzel & The Princess & The Frog at The Catalina Theatre)

- Educational Work Experience Talks - Schools.
(Women in Business, Women Empowerment, Overcoming Adversity) 

- Motivational Speaker
( I am a Survivor of Woman & Child Abuse)

- Artist/Director Support Photography
(Theatrical during show, Poster art, Portfolio)

- Portable Recording Studio for Indie Artists
(Recording Studio and Support / training for Indie Artists)

Doll Face-Ups
(Re-design and creation of refurbished OOAK dolls)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

DIARY: Parenting

I had to have one of "those talks" with my two girls today in the car, in the driveway, them all clipped in and nowhere to go - after dropping off half of our belongings at Nanna's house (we're staying with family while we look for a house and are returning after a month away house sitting)
You know that talk?
The one where your face screws up like you've eaten a sour-worm, and your voice cracks just a bit (dramatic effect) and you inform your sweet faced children that if they do "that" again (in this case - completely ignoring my repeated requests to come to the car so we could go) just because their precious Nanna is nearby (you know how children always push it when they're in front of friends or family?), they will both have verrrry creative punishment until they start listening to me again. They both nodded solemly and said "Yes mum" - even though I know I'm going to have to be a TyrannosaurMum until they settle back in... #sigh

RANT: Are Your Shows Free?

An email received via my old show company website today: (I posted my full reply after this status)

"Good day

Please advise if you are still doing these road shows and if you have any shows relating to the 'My body" theme? We are a preschool group. Also, are your shows free?

With kind regards,

School-Principal-in-Durban-that-doesn't -like-to-pay-for-anything"

My actual reply email to the School that asked if our Durban road shows were "Free" (I posted the email in the status before this one)
My actor and director friends: your work has value. Your time has value.

"Ok, This.
This is why I no longer do these shows.
I'd like you to please step into the shoes of a rapidly dying industry.

Can you imagine:
As the owner/Director of a show company, I must conceptualise and research this theme, create age appropriate content, write a full length show, write and record music and choreograph action dances, design and create props for educational games, dress design and sew costumes, build props, have sound available - Mic, speakers, amp, lighting, hire paid actors (in 2010 I paid up to R200 for one show to each of the actors for transport costs and the numerous hours of rehearsals it takes for a seamless show) train them up if they need help with kids theatre, rehearse, transport them (petrol), set up for 40 minutes before hand, perform for an hour straight and then reverse order back home... Schools would complain when asked for R800.

I understand that you may think I have funding of some sort? Not sure.
Unfortunately I was told too often upon application, that I was the "wrong colour" (actual words used) and so I have moved on.

I genuinely ask you a kindhearted favour: The next time you have any group of smiling (actually tired, hot and hard working) show teams come through.
Double their pay.
They need it.

Have a good day."